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 King™ Plastic Pulverizing Systems

King™ Pulverizing Systems have been created with state of the art technology never before offered to the plastics industry.

Our unique, patent pending Hy-Pro™ grinding disks lasts 4-5 times longer than any current disk in the industry. The patented Hy-Pro disks are designed and manufactured using specially engineered abrasion resistant material. Our disks will out perform any current grinding disk on the market, saving up to 35% in disk sharpening expenses alone.

The King Pulverizing System has horizontal mill housings with our unique push/pull adjustable disk gapping from the outside of the mill housing, using single adjustment technology.

The system is PLC controlled for precise operation, and is fitted with a modem for online support if required. See "About" pages for detailed features information.

Our pulverizing system comes turn-key with hinged cyclone, safety platform and ladder making servicing of the system easy.

King is available in 5 models: K5 Mini Lab, K18 Lab, K120, K220, and K220 Mega. See "Comparisons" page for more information.

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